We think that core values

are key to building a sustainable business

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do and are our guideline:
For what well designed ingredients and services can bring to cats, dogs and their parent : Health, wellbeing, happiness, beauty and so much more. Passion also for the fascinating and evolving bond created between humanity and pets.
We must remain flexible to meet the challenges of current needs. Agility is fundamental to our innovative culture
The value allows us to make the right decisions.  Freedom leads to enhanced expression of creativity and, ultimately, to the right solution to problems.
Collaborative Mindset
No one succeeds alone. Partnerships and Alliances are  the growth tactic Birdstone is embracing.  Collaborating with other entrepreneurs or companies helps us solve problems faster and easier.
Birdstone is committed to an approach to business that is socially and environmentally responsible. We are taking an  assertive leadership role in promoting sustainability.
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