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Birdstone Operations: The Cannery

Birdstone is not only a consulting and ingredient business. We also produce retorted foods for a number of pet food brands.

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Our company has a  skilled NPD team than can develop recipes to your specification from our Seattle canning factory. We also offer  approved and ready to use recipes that we can use to produce under your brand  using the highest quality of ingredients we can source.

We provide no only products in metal cans but also in glass jars. 

Grey Theme Objects
Grey Theme Objects

We work with the approach you want to use. Some customers direct us to their preferred supplier and/or work off of their supply contracts while others want us to use our network of suppliers as an  option. Birdstone is flexible to what works best for you – we stand ready to deliver it. As a premium and specialty Pet Food contract manufacturer providing custom processing services to the Pet Food industry, we understand that our ability to deliver complete solutions is how we will continue to grow.

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